National Technology Forum 2009


15-October 2009 – This year’s the national technology forum was held again at the Empire Hotel with the them Innovation Transforming Enterprises. I arrived their right before lunch, but I think I still benefited. Among the many topics that were discussed by their respective experts were:

  • and how it ran a budget motel and its business model with the help of technology in marketing and management. I like the part where the speaker mentioned that the hotel is helping people to save cost, and therefore the hotel saves cost and so increases profit.
  • Google discussing its support for open source through the Google App Engine. The speaker was very witty and funny, I was interested to find out that google has a lot of projects in the works.
  • Integrating Open source and existing Database systems using Pentaho, I was really sleepy in this one, the speaker was japanese and didn’t speak english very well.
  • Security and adoption aspects of open source. This was a recurring question in the Q and A session.
  • How Private-Public-Partnerships (PPP) assists in the development of Singapore and how it has benefited its citizens.
  • Some of the things that the Brunei Government is planning and has recently achieved in the quest for e-governance.
  • In the end, the it was emphasized that in Business (or I guess in any organization) what is important is the People and not just the technology.

Overall I believe that the event was very beneficial to all those who attended, especially those who did the whole day. I am looking forward to see what is planned for the next National Technology Forum on 28 november 2009 next year. For more information, you could go to



2 Responses

  1. ” Tunehotel is helping people to save cost, and
    therefore the hotel saves cost and so increases profit ”

    Quite intresting,can you explain more,how?

    • This was last year.. so kinda fuzzy.. it is similar to airasia. but what I do remember is:
      -Tuneshotel Charges only for what the guest uses e.g.
      –Mostly just charging for the room only, and only for the night.
      –They charge extra for only what the customers “ordered” e.g.: electricity, air-conditioning, hot water, shampoo, soap, cleaning service, food and drinks, etc.
      -compared to what hotels are mostly charging is for everything that the customer may or may not use (those things mentioned above). The hotels save money by not providing those unordered services, and profits from those who uses them.
      -Customers see this and saves money, and so there are more people who want to use the service. They would be more likely to be full compared to other hotels. They make up in volume. In a down economy, the company that saves people money prospers.

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