Store Management and Stock Control Course


I attended this course at BINA on 10-11 Nov. The course ends on 14 Nov 2009. (I won’t be able to make that as I would be at livewire leadership camp then) The participants consisted of representatives from cooperatives, SME’s and EDC incubatees.

Image010The first day of the course was mostly spent doing activities that was design to let the participants to get to know each other. One of the activity was interviewing another participant and drawing their face. This allowed my to rediscover my skill of drawing portraits. On the right is a picture that I drew. The top 5 were selected. I got a BINA mug 🙂

The contents of the course is as follows:

  • Definition of a Store and Stocks.
  • Stock taking and recording the cost price as stock value.
  • The people responsible for stock taking and methods
  • Presenting items in a store.  Showing the face, brand and price.
  • Arranging key items or “magnets” in a store in a way that the customer can see all the products in a store.
  • Arranging products together or apart.
  • Arranging related products in rows or columns.
  • Proper words to use advising customers of taking care with products.

On Saturday, the participants will continue with the course as well as a class trip to 2 convenience stores owned or managed by the participants.

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