LiveWIRE Leadership Camp 07/09

LiveWIRE organized the Leadership Camp. Last Weekend from 13 to 15 November 2009. The participants consisted mainly of students from the Youth Development Centre.

On the first day the participants left Brunei-muara to go to Temburong early in the morning. The first sessions were held at Bangunan Utama Bumiputra at Pekan Bangar. The participants learnt about Self Assessment, Johari’s Window and Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs. In the afternoon the participants were brought to stay at Sumbiling Eco Village.

The next day, on Saturday the participants were brought trekking through Bukit Lutut which ended at a Wasai (waterfall). The day was ended with a rafting activity. The night session involved learning about 8 keys of Leadership by Steven Song. The last day’s session involved assessment from supervisors and declarations from the participants.

The participants were awarded with their certificate of participation by the Temburong District Officer. The participants returned to Brunei-Muara district in the afternoon.

The Leadership Camp is designed to help the participants to realize the potential within the participants to transform themselves to become better than they already are, and that they already are leaders.

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