LiveWIRE Leadership Camp 08-09

Another LiveWIRE Leadership Camp was held last weekend on 20th,21st and 22nd November 2009. The participants consisted mostly of students and staffs from the Youth Development Centre. The Previous Leadership Camp was held the weekend before. This time there were 18 participants. The Leadership Camp is three day and 2 nights with activities ranging from lectures and physical activities in Temburong.

On the leadership camp the participants learn about leadership, about themselves and their peers.

The first day was at the Bangunan Utama Bumiputra, where Pengiran Redzuan facilitated:

  • The participants shared their positive and negative characters.
  • Discussing about characteristics of leadership.
  • Psychological and Sociological Concepts such as Johari’s Window and Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs, and how they relate to self development and leadership.

The 2nd day the participants were at Sumbiling Eco Village, where they:

  • Spent the morning hiking through hills and rivers of Bukit Lutut, floating in lifejackets and going to a waterfall. The afternoon was rafting through river and back to base camp, and floating in lifejackets.
  • Learned about the 8 keys of excellence from Steven Song of the Coaching Scheme Initiative.

On the final day, the participants shared what they had learned about themselves in the 3 days, and declared what they want to achieve to transform themselves into better leaders.

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