AMIR Consortium Discussion with Local SME’s

13 March 2010 – On saturday morning, a handful SME’s were invited to introduce them to an initiative by BEDB to promote local SME’s that has been awarded to the AMIR consortium.

The Amir Consortium is made up of Alif Technologies, Mimit E Technologies, Indah Sejahtera Development and Services, and Rafiqun IT services. The project that they have awarded is on, which will be a business to business portal, to help match local businesses to other local businesses as well as foreign business or investments.

The participants were mostly from food production and manufacturing businesses in Brunei. The representatives of AMIR Consortium had an opportunity to listen to the frustrations of the SME’s in dealing with exporting their products overseas. Among those frustrations were:

  • Lack of Funding for Facilities, Machinery, Research and Development as well as for export. Especially in order to achieve the minimal standards or requirements to export to other countries.
  • Inadequate facilities such as Lab testing foods for nutritional information being too time consuming.
  • A lack of IT literacy for entrepreneurs to use the technology.

The representatives of AMIR had a few suggestions to help SME’s, but had admitted that they can only do so much, as they do not provide funding, but may help in getting the credibility for funding by obtaining for the SME a business partner that would help import/export or develop the SME.

It was shared that after discussing with more SME’s, the AMIR Consortium and may have its launch in the month of April.

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