LiveWIRE Bright Ideas Workshop

Another Bright Ideas Workshop was held at LiveWIRE.The workshop was held from the 15th to the 16th of June 2010.

Among the topics were:

  • Truth about money
  • The secret of becoming rich
  • feasible business ideas
  • Basic Business Accounting
  • Opportunities

Bright Ideas Workshop is the first of a series of workshops held by LiveWIRE. Other workshops are:

  • Be a Succesfull Owner/Manager (BSOM) – a workshop that presents local speakers ranging from entrepreneurs and managers sharing their experience and advices on business.
  • Business Plan Series – a Workshop on creating a business plan
  • Business Dialogue – A forum or dialog between businesses
  • Leadership Camp – A 3 day /2 nights camp away from society and discovering themselves and their leadership.
  • Business Plan Awards – A competition on business plans and business startups

more picture are in facebook photo album.

for updates of when the workshop and other workshops will be held  keep your eye on


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