Allow yourself to be copied and market yourself for free!

this is an observation from google/youtube on tedtalk

it is possible to use youtube’s users “infringing copyrights” to market the pirated products and bring in revenue for the copyright holder. In their case, they had the “pirates” upload filled with ads leading the viewers to original content, and generated revenue from there. in this case chris brown’s forever.

I guess that means several things for content developers. such as:

  • musicians/music labels can allow their content to be pirated as long as the pirated content generates leads
  • photographers can allow their copyright picture to be used as long as it leads the “pirate’s” viewers to the photographer. maybe by putting a watermark of the photographers website on the images.
  • book publishers allow excerpts to be shown online, but contain a link to purchase the books. I think does this.

This video reminds me of Chris Anderson’s “free”. Give something for free and get your customer to pay.


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