Getting Business Funding in Brunei

One of the most difficult challenges in starting or running a business in brunei or in any other country is funding. funding for starting up, running, or expanding a business. If you ask any SME owners and they would say any of these things:

  • There are no funding.
  • difficult to find,
  • there are funding available, but difficult to obtain

I come under the 3rd category. So when I considered starting up my business, I gave up on financing, and decided to start it cheap. Among the problems that I had were:

  • Loans require guarantors or collateral, it is easier to get a guarantor to buy a car, rather than to start a business. You could be a guarantor yourself. A guarantor is usually recommeded if they a government employee or an employer of a big company e.g. shell.
  • Writing a Business Plan. This was easy to learn to make, but a lot of work to do it right. especially if you have to put in the quoted numbers for the stuff you need to spend on for start up capital. not too mention the marketing and the financial forecast that you have to do.

The existing funding that I know is as follows:

  • SME financing scheme from MIPR. this applied at BIBD and Baiduri, but the confirmation comes from MIPR. This funding is for startups, expansions and project basis.
  • The SCB business Hire Purchase loan, this is mostly for funding existing business. Minimum of 1 years, and recommended if you kept your accounts in SCB.
  • BEDB YDR Grant Scheme offered to youths that graduated from the Youth Development Centre (YDC). This is a grant and repayment is not required.

Recently in July 2010, there has been some news on new financing available, among them are:

For either of these, information about the grants are available from the website. There is also a briefing held for both of them. I will probably attend both to get more information and weigh my choices.


11 Responses

  1. Assalamualaikom, My application(with proper Biz Plan and Biz Process) to apply for TOL or any Govt land for my agricultural biz was rejected though I mentioned I got my own little fund to start without assistant?

    5 days ago I re-requested to be offered or be reconsidered a TOL somewhere at Jerudong or Berakas or Gadong. FYI, I am not interested to possess the TOL permanently, I just want to borrow or rent it so to do my small biz and built a temporary house and barn there. And, FYI, I cannot wait too long as I am thinking of quitting my job due to my interest in biz world.


    • Wa’alaikumsalam. Congrats on try and try again, getting stuff you need for business is not easy. but if you persist, sooner or later you will get it. There are probably other ways to get what you want as well, you may have to look at that as well. I hope you have done enough research on starting and running a business before you quit your job. Read books and attend courses e.g. livewire or sinaut Entrepreneur development centre.
      Good luck and have fun! 🙂

  2. is there any new types of support for entrepreneur (SMEs) in brunei? can u please explain what types of support they provided? im kinda confused here. Thank u. 😀

    • Depends on what you mean by Support. If financial support, then to my knowledge then basically I’ve covered in this post. But then there are other forms of support, such as education, endorsements, guidance, facilities, promotion, subsidies and sponsorship.
      Thanks to your comment, I hope I helped you. I’ll consider posting on these other forms in the near future.

  3. thank you for your reply. It would be helpful if you do post them in the near future. 😀 thank you once again.

  4. how to apply any of stated above?

    • Just go to the respective authorities. e.g.
      bedb go to bedb.. their website is to find out where they are and contact them thru e-mail or phone, it is best to visit them to have a discussion.
      aiti go to, search for info there.
      and the MIPR sme loan is handled by bibd and baiduri, just visit the banks for info. bibd sme centre is the one in bsb. baiduri i think you can visit the kiarong or the serusop branch.

  5. may i know where is the SME office? and who is the contact person?

    • Are u asking about smebrunei? This is just my personal blog on business in brunei.
      But I am currently working for LiveWIRE Brunei.
      Is there anything I can help you with?

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