Playing Rut to Riches Board Game

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Recently I was invited to play a Board Game that would teach Financial Intelligence. I have had played Cashflow 101 before and blogged about it, so I was interested to see what else was out there.

I remembered playing the game before, but it was then called SmartMoney, But now it is called Rut to Riches. After the game, I searched for it on the internet, and found Here is my comparison for this game to Cashflow 101.

  • Cashflow 101 is simpler. I put the complexity of SmartMoney to be between Cashflow 101 and 202.
  • Rut to Riches uses Cashbook accounting, rather then using those play money. Bear in mind some people may actually enjoy holding fake money in hand, but this is just more neat.
  • Rut to Riches takes into account network marketing. I found it strange that Kiyosaki mentioned Network Marketing/MLM/Direct Selling in his books and yet did not include them in his games.
  • Rut to Riches takes into account Royalty in terms of Books and Movies.
  • Rut to Riches uses the Inner Circle as a Fast Track with the use of a Mentor. Cashflow uses The outside lane as the fast track, but the player is no longer affected by good and bad cards, while in the rut to riches, the “retired” player may still be affected.
  • Rut to Riches gameplay is quicker with the fact that “plot twist” cards are taken in bundles. e.g. Share market cards are taken in two’s, and any deal cards is followed by the market forces card.

Overall, I think Rut to Riches is an improvement (albeit probably a copy cat) of Kiyosaki’s Cashflow 101/202. But due to the complexity, I’d recommend Cashflow for beginners. Which probably explains my frustrations with misconceptions that some the “experts” who was supposed to be teaching us had. I was a bit confused by some explanations, but not because I didn’t understand, but it just didn’t made sense, Which I read the rule book available online to be sure, I’ve highlighted the rule or issue, followed by the misconception, followed by my opinion and understanding is the correction:

  • Issue of Savings. Savings was “taken out” our hands to make our cashflow balance zero. When it made more sense that it was taken “In” to our hands as money to be played. This of course what I understood from playing Cashflow.
  • Overdrafts were limited to (current cashflow + potential income) x 8. The “expert” players added a rule about “minus the amount you already borrowed”, when that has been clearly dealt with in putting 10% in the expenses for the amount borrowed.
  • Players may play pay of their liabilities (This one’s annoying). The “expert” players kept on pressing on paying of liabilities, and after at the end explaining about Net Worth = Assets + (cash balance) – Liabilites, and affirming everyone had very small or negative net worth, they stated it was because they didn’t pay off their liabilities. I had a huge net worth, but I didn’t pay those liabilities. Real example is Donald Trump has billions in debt, but billions in net worth. The key is to gain cash producing assets.
  • Directway (in relation to most MLM’s being somethingWay) are mostly not affected by market forces. Ok this maybe more of strategy then just a rule. I noticed the “expert” player was mostly targeting to get the DirectWay Cards. These guys didn’t even get out of the Rut! I’m thinking because these “experts” are mostly into Network Marketing that they played into their beliefs. But if they read Kiyosaki’s Books carefully, he basically states that the key to riches is multiple streams of income. A balance of Stocks, Real Estate and Business, not just Network Marketing. But Network marketing is probably the best for hard workers, socialites and risk averse individuals.

Overall, it was a fun game (considering I was the only one in my table that got out of the rut), and when I get the chance I would like to have a discussion with the “expert” players on my findings from reading the rule book. Last time I had to hurry to get to another function that day. Oh for more information on the playing board game, contact the people from

4 Responses

  1. Hi,

    It was wonderful to have you at our workshop~ we host it every sunday, and most of the experience players have private sessions.

    I was surprised when you told me that you were putting of paying your loans and following your strategy in cashflow. It’s really great to meet people with past experience~
    It would be simply awesome to see you again this sunday~

    JazakAllah Khair

    Amin Samid
    Managing Director
    RedSpade Technologies sdn bhd

    • I understand that paying debts would increase my cashflow only, but will not add to my Net worth.
      Considering the Formula,
      Net Worth = Assets – Liabilities
      Long Story Short, if you do debt payment, it’s just taking away money from cash in hand or assets, and putting it back into debt payment of the liabilities.
      Net Worth = (Assets – Debt Payment) – Liabilities + Debt Payment
      Which Result no net change in net worth in that instance. But I have to admit it does increase cashflow, and therefore increase assets later in the game.
      But considering an extremely simplified situation where 200,000 can either be used to pay debt OR to buy an asset such as business or real estate, and the cashflow from either is similar (often the debt payment is higher cashflow), but I will often go for the asset, considering that asset may be sold for capital gain at a higher price in the near future, and therefore increase in Asset, and therefore increase in net worth. Plus the capital gain can and will be used to buy other cash producing assets.
      I have played cashflow frequently and this is one of the strategies I learned, basically paying off the debt costs me opportunity to buy cashflow producing assets. You are welcome to try the strategy for Rut 2 Riches, as the basic strategy is the same – To increase your passive income to be equal to or more than your monthly expenses.
      I look forward to playing the game again.. not sure about this weekend yet.. will inform salwana.

  2. […] rut to riches again. This time I didn’t “retire” in the game, but I still got a positive net […]

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