Prices of Cars in Brunei Showrooms

I’ve noticed that in car show rooms, there’s often a letter on the dashboard of the cars displayed about the price. I had only vaguely notice that it was “approved” by the Department of Economic Planning and Development (Jabatan Perancangan dan Kemajuan Ekonomi). I had recently found a list of the approved cars on their website.

It’s cool, now I don’t have to go from dealer to dealer finding the price of 1st hand cars. I’ll go check the price online, and see what the dealer has to offer. But then, I’m not in the market to  buy cars yet. are you?

This is the link to the website –


5 Responses

  1. Hello Bobby =) It would be a bad gauge of price of cars from those prices because the OTR (on the road) price would be different =D So it would still be better to check out the showrooms.

    And the prices fluctuates every month some times depending on the money currency 😉


    • Thanks for the info, even so I don’t think the price would change drastically though. So the list should still be sufficient for someone looking around. But I agree, to be sure check out the showrooms.
      I Never really notice the price fluctuating, but then I don’t really go to car showrooms often. Maybe a car salesperson can confirm.

  2. haha! yups! =D I now know three styles, not the butterfly one only. learning how to float in deep waters =D

    and currently works with Boustead so I commented on the price thingy =P i did my homework =P hahaha


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