Social Entrepreneurs and Social Enterpises

I attended a talk organized by Women’s Business Council and sponsored by BEDB hosted at iCentre for the whole week this week. The topic was Social Enterprise, which was facilitated by Chris Hill.

I have had heard of the term before, when I heard it first I had assumed that it simply meant any enterprise that contributes to social and economic development. Which in a way is any enterprise, considering that any enterprise actually provides value in terms of products and services to the community, as well as employment.

Attending the workshop I had a deeper insight into social enterprise and learned a lot more. Among what I learned include the definition of social entrepreneurs and social entrepreneurs, understanding the legal structures affecting social enterprises, measurement for the impact of social enterprises on society and the economy, sources of funding as well refining the definition of social enterprises for Brunei Darussalam.

The speaker held a similar workshop in November 2011 in Brunei. Since then a few development has happened. As it even the SUT of the Ministry Culture youth and sport mentioned in The LiveWIRE Brunei Business Awards Laucnhing. It is hoped that this workshop will bring more changes in bringing Social Enterpises more recognition and develop more social enterprises that can benefit Brunei.