2016 is at a good start

Its been a while, but i think I should start posting again. Especially with the rise of new government policies, and  restructuring. All in the name of developing entrepreneurship in Brunei.

November 2015, saw the reshuffling of the ministerial cabinet, as well as the split of Ministry of Industry and Primary resources (MIPR) into Ministry of Primary Resources and Tourism (MPRT) and the Department of Energy and Industry (as of January officially renamed Energy and Industry Department). And then the titah by his majesty on the new year regarding the the SME Centre
I personally am personally torn on the decision for the split. First the cons, its only because the restrucuturing is unclear for now, and might result in confusions internally and externally. It is interesting to point out that primary resources would cover agriculture and agrifood, I just don’t see how that is not under industry as well. I just hope the dust settles soon.
On a good note, this hopefully means that tourism will finally have the budget it deserves in order to develop the industry.
On the SME centre, it seems like part of BEDB has been or will be absorbed into this entity. It is still unclear how or where this body stands. Looking forward see how it works. It seems with  his majesty’s titah, government departments are in a hurry to show that they are doing something to meet his and the country’s vision. As observed the enterprise openday (check www.enterpriseopenday.gov.bn was held just after 2 weeks after the new year. More on that in another post.

But for now, I would say it is all on a very interestingly good start.


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