Government launches a business help desk


This is another good step in creating a better business environment. In any good business practice, they allow for customers to give info on what could be improved. But an online help desk would probably be best. Something that can be organized online of previous questions were asked, and the relevent answers. Something like Google help or Facebook help. So people dont have to visit a physical location, just go online, and search for answers. I realize that I myself could probably try it on this website. Check out my previous posts on SME related info, but if you have any questions, just ask in the comments and I will try to answer best I can.
I guess most of us are not online, or are used to searching info online, so this offline helpdesk will cater to those people’s need.
I haven’t gone there and checked it myself yet, but if you do, please provide info on what you think about it.
Till then, do what you love, and get wealthy doing it.

Update! 2016 Sept 9

This has been up for a while, only managed to remember to update now. This is actually online already. Just click the link below.