Blood Donation at LiveWIRE

LiveWIRE Held a Blood Donation Drive last Tuesday on the 14th of December 2010. There were a few people who donated blood, there were some who donated their blood for the first time. Most of the Donor came from nearby commercial units such as elite computers, infomars, KOPRI, Axtivo and don’t forget LiveWIRE staff themselves. I’d like to take the time to explain the steps for those who have never donated blood before.

  1. Registration. You may be filling more than one form, one is for the organizer keeping attendance.
    Filling Registration FormAnd the other is the blood donation form from the hospital. The form from the hospital will be asking a lot of questions about your health. This form has since been updated to a 4 page booklet. previously it was just one sheet. Among the important questions are: are you sick, taking medication, menstruating or pregnant (for women you can’t donate during this time), or have currently having any symptoms of being sick.
  2. Health Check. The health officer will look over your form and ask you questions on any suspecting issues. You have to be qualified to donate blood. You can think this as a free medical checkup 🙂 among the tests are:
    Weight (you have to be at least 50 kg to donate),
    Blood Haemoglobin level (you have to have enough blood),
    Blood Pressure (you need to have adequate pressure, or else you might faint).
  3. If you pass, you are handed the bag for the blood. You may also get goody bags or at least directed to the refreshments. Sometimes both 🙂
  4. Blood Donation Time! You will be seated in a Relax chair, the health officer will ask you to hold a piece of wood while he ties your upper arm up. they will then inject you with something to dull the pain as well as something (I guess) to stop blood clotting. This part is actually the only and most painful part.
    The health officer will then start to put a big needle (it seems big, maybe its the fear :p but you won’t feel a thing! ) into your arm and your blood will now flow into the bag. You may grip the wooden piece to stimulate the blood flow. (I’m not sure about this one, but it seems to work)
  5. After you have finish, that one bag will be filled up, but it may overflow into a secondary bag, but no fears, if you made it to this step, then you have nothing to worry about. The health officer will take out the big needle and bandage your arm. You may also help yourself to the refreshments again.

I would recommend eating mushrooms and beef in the following days to build up your iron. Personally, this is one of the perks of donating, you can use it as an excuse to eat more! :p (but I have to watch what I’m eating now, I’m not as young as I use to be 😦  )

Finally, I’d like to invite everyone to take the time to donate blood. Not only is it beneficial for the recipient, but it can also be beneficial for the Donor. Research has shown that it may reduce risks of Iron overload, Heart Disease Risk, and Cancer Risks. The blood donated by one person can benefit upto 3 people. The fear that stops you from donating is only temporary, but the benefits last longer. Blood Donations can also be held at any other time at the hospitals blood donation centre.

Luncheon Keynote on CSR by Thomas Thomas

I was lucky to represent for someone at this Luncheon by AsiaIncForum at the Radisson Hotel. The Guest Speaker was named Thomas Thomas. No typo there, the speaker spent a few moments to share his humorous experience regarding to his name, specifically on how his ancestors before him was named the same, and he stopped the tradition on himself from transferring to his son. Thomas Thomas is the Executive Director of Singapore Compact.

CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility according to Thomas is not just a side objective, but it can also be a long term core strategy in any organization. Specifically to fulfill the needs of the Environment, Employees and Economics, or as he puts it the planet, people and profits. He cited several real examples of companies that has practiced CSR at their core strategy and prosper to the present day.

I took pictures of the events and of the Slides which are available on facebook: