Certificate Presentation for BINA Course Participants

24th December 2009, BINA Auditorium – It was the first time the auditorium had been used since renovation. On this day, The auditorium was used for a certificate presentation ceremony for the participants that attended the courses that were facilitated by the Brunei Industrial development Association (BINA) and Entrepreneurial Development Centre(EDC).

The courses that the participants attended were Financial Statement course, and Store management and stock control course. There was a third course that I myself did not attend. All the course participants received certificates from the guest of honor. The course facilitators in return received some souvenirs from the representatives of the course participants.

edc representative handing a souvenirAt the end of the ceremony the participants took a picture with the guest of honor and the course facilitators.

The courses are held throughout the year. There will be more courses in 2010. More information can be obtained by contacting BINA and EDC.

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LiveWIRE Leadership Camp 08-09

Another LiveWIRE Leadership Camp was held last weekend on 20th,21st and 22nd November 2009. The participants consisted mostly of students and staffs from the Youth Development Centre. The Previous Leadership Camp was held the weekend before. This time there were 18 participants. The Leadership Camp is three day and 2 nights with activities ranging from lectures and physical activities in Temburong.

On the leadership camp the participants learn about Continue reading

LiveWIRE Leadership Camp 07/09

LiveWIRE organized the Leadership Camp. Last Weekend from 13 to 15 November 2009. The participants consisted mainly of students from the Youth Development Centre.

On the first day the participants left Brunei-muara to go to Temburong early in the morning. The first sessions were held at Bangunan Utama Bumiputra at Pekan Bangar. The participants learnt about Continue reading

Store Management and Stock Control Course


I attended this course at BINA on 10-11 Nov. The course ends on 14 Nov 2009. (I won’t be able to make that as I would be at livewire leadership camp then) The participants consisted of representatives from Continue reading

Initiatives in Developing Entrepreneurs

Most people think it is difficult to start a business. Especially if they don’t have the money to start up. Now a new government initiative is aiming to make it easier for young entrepreneurs to start their business. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) will launch a micro financing scheme to help youths in starting a small business. Continue reading

Financial Statement Course by BINA

Participants of the financial statement course at BINA

I attended a 3 day course on Financial Statement that was held by BINA at Beribi. The course was held on 28th, 31st November and 2nd November 2009. (Due to overlapping events I only attended this course partially. I can only hope that I had learned enough)

The participants consisted of Cooperative members, EDC incubatees and other SME’s. The course covered topics such as:

  • The Structure of a General Ledger
  • How to fill in the General Ledger
  • Terms such as Credit, Debit, Contra
  • The importance of keeping accounts, receipts and vouchers.
  • How to translate the General Ledger into a Financial Statement.

The BINA is the Brunei INdustrilal development Authority (I don’t know how the acronym matches that way) which you can find out more by going to their website www.bina.gov.bn.

posted a few pictures at facebook. http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=98564&id=550578077&l=5bf6a6dd45

LiveWIRE BI Workshop 12-13 October 2009

LiveWIRE Sdn Bhd concluded another 2 day – Bright Ideas Workshop held at the MTSSR Lecture Hall. The participants were students and staff of the Youth Development Centre or Pusat Pembangunan Belia (PBB). The speaker – Steven Song covered topics such as:

  • Thinking Outside the Box
  • The truth about money
  • Ideas on starting a business
  • You don’t need a lot of capital to start a business
  • Introduction to simple financial management of a business
  • The secret to wealth
  • Thinking above the line (people who took BI should know this 🙂 )
  • Succeeding in Business.
  • Motor X game – a simulation exercise on managing a business. (i love this one)

The next course would be Be a Succesful Owner and Manager (BSOM) Workshop. This workshop will have invited speakers from business.

For more information go to LiveWIRE website at www.livewire-brunei.com

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