Latest Brunei Statistics Year Book

I was conducting a course on writing a business plan recently, and covering the topics of Market Research and Marketing strategy.

Whilst I was looking up online about brunei statistics, I stumbled upon the Brunei Darussalam Statistic Year Book 2010 at the JPKE Website at

I decided to download it and upload it to scribd to be able to show on this site directly.


Brunei Darussalam Statistics Year Book 2010

Brunei’s e-government portal

Checkout the governments e-government portal at
The website focuses on 3 types of visitors
* Locals
* Businesses
* Tourists
It has been fun for me exploring what aspects of business the government has provided facilities for. Previously, I usually googled in order to search for a government website. this portal is convenient.
Just to also share, the websites of interest for business: – the attorney general chambers website, check out online acts/regulations on business names registration, miscellaneous license, copyrights, trademarks, and other business related laws. – Ministry and Industry and Primary Resources, a lot of business may go through here e.g. agriculture, fishery and tourism.
- – web page that contains most government tenders, although most government departments and ministries have their own tender web pages.