EL-AMIR introduces Padian.com

10 April 2010, Saturday – The EL-AMIR (previously just AMIR) Consortium held another introduction briefing about Padian.com to SME’s, EDC incubatees ¬†and officers of the Ministry of Industry and Primary Resources (MIPR) at iCentre.

The el-AMIR Consortium was chosen by the BEDB to help SME’s to market themselves through technology under the initiative called “buy brunei portal”.

The project that has been proposed by el-AMIR is the website Padian.com. The website is a portal for Brunei companies to promote themselves and their products. The first phase of the project is to help SME’s and other small companies find strategic partners locally, regionally and internationally. The final phase of the project is to enable SME’s to sell their products directly from the website. At the end of the introduction, the members of the consortium accepted and answered questions that SME’s had on the portal.

The el-AMIR consortium is expecting to officially launch the website at the end of the month.

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AMIR Consortium Discussion with Local SME’s

13 March 2010 – On saturday morning, a handful SME’s were invited to introduce them to an initiative by BEDB to promote local SME’s that has been awarded to the AMIR consortium.

The Amir Consortium is made up of Alif Technologies, Mimit E Technologies, Indah Sejahtera Development and Services, and Rafiqun IT services. The project that they have awarded is on www.padian.com, which will be a business to business portal, to help match local businesses to other local businesses as well as foreign business or investments.

The participants were mostly from food production and manufacturing businesses in Brunei. The representatives of AMIR Consortium had an opportunity to listen to the frustrations of the SME’s in dealing with exporting their products overseas. Among those frustrations were:

  • Lack of Funding for Facilities, Machinery, Research and Development as well as for export. Especially in order to achieve the minimal standards or requirements to export to other countries.
  • Inadequate facilities such as Lab testing foods for nutritional information being too time consuming.
  • A lack of IT literacy for entrepreneurs to use the technology.

The representatives of AMIR had a few suggestions to help SME’s, but had admitted that they can only do so much, as they do not provide funding, but may help in getting the credibility for funding by obtaining for the SME a business partner that would help import/export or develop the SME.

It was shared that after discussing with more SME’s, the AMIR Consortium and http://www.padian.com may have its launch in the month of April.

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Initiatives in Developing Entrepreneurs

Most people think it is difficult to start a business. Especially if they don’t have the money to start up. Now a new government initiative is aiming to make it easier for young entrepreneurs to start their business. The Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports (MCYS) will launch a micro financing scheme to help youths in starting a small business. Continue reading

SME Cluster Development Workshop

Jagat Shah at SME Cluster Development in Brunei

28 October 2009 – Several government agencies, organizations, banks and SME’s attended a workshop on SME Cluster Development at the Rizqun Hotel. The Workshop lasted the whole day. Among the topics that were discussed were:

  • The activities the whole day
  • The meaning of Cluster Development
  • Case studies of Cluster Development
  • How Brunei can take advantage of cluster development
  • Presentation/Discussions on Sectors to Pursue Cluster Development
  • Creating a a workgroup to spearhead cluster development in Brunei.

I found the workshop to be eye opening in the sense that all the stakeholder – SME’s, Government Departments, Banks, Business Development Services and Consultants could do more to help each other to improve brunei’s economy as well as pursuing the diversification from our oil economy. Continue reading

National Technology Forum 2009


15-October 2009 – This year’s the national technology forum was held again at the Empire Hotel with the them Innovation Transforming Enterprises. I arrived their right before lunch, but I think I still benefited. Among the many topics that were discussed by their respective experts were:

  • Tunehotels.com and how it ran a budget motel and its business model with the help of technology in marketing and management. I like the part where the speaker mentioned that the hotel is helping people to save cost, and therefore the hotel saves cost and so increases profit.
  • Google discussing its support for open source through the Google App Engine. The speaker was very witty and funny, I was interested to find out that google has a lot of projects in the works.
  • Integrating Open source and existing Database systems using Pentaho, I was really sleepy in this one, the speaker was japanese and didn’t speak english very well.
  • Security and adoption aspects of open source. This was a recurring question in the Q and A session.
  • How Private-Public-Partnerships (PPP) assists in the development of Singapore and how it has benefited its citizens.
  • Some of the things that the Brunei Government is planning and has recently achieved in the quest for e-governance.
  • In the end, the it was emphasized that in Business (or I guess in any organization) what is important is the People and not just the technology.

Overall I believe that the event was very beneficial to all those who attended, especially those who did the whole day. I am looking forward to see what is planned for the next National Technology Forum on 28 november 2009 next year. For more information, you could go to http://www.asiaincforum.com.