5 things to grow your biz right now!

Being a photgrapher, my wife found this article http://photofocus.com/2009/10/30/five-things-you-can-do-right-now-to-grow-your-photography-business/

the article is about things photographers can do grow their business. I found the article to apply not just to photographers but to other businesses as well. Here is my interpretation of the article.

  1. Own Your Own Zip Code
    Start with your own area. Why would you be in a certain area and market to the whole country. It takes more time, effort and money the further you are from your area. A marketing guru talks about how to make your product a purple cow and how building your own tribe is essential to marketing your business.
  2. Show What You Want to Sell
    Show what you have to sell, and show relevant things. Imagine going to a shop and all you see is a Logo, a desk and a person. If you have products showcase them, if you have services, show pictures or certificates, news clippings, or achievements. A fast food restaurant always show the picture of food they serve. Additionally, this may also mean market yourselves. So, don’t forget to use facebook pages, twitter, or create your own website for you business. (If you want to make  a website, you can hire me either to build it for you, or to teach you 🙂 )
  3. Network Like Crazy
    Get to know more people, they might be your potential customers, business alliance partners. Join a network or an association, if possible something related to your business. Even better, find a business development community or association where you can meet other business owners and manager. I’ve joined LiveWIRE Brunei. There’s also the LiveWIRE International
  4. Avoid Time Stealers
    Do the things you do best and avoid doing things that you can let other people do it for you. Of course some people or business may be on a budget. So they may have to do things by themselves. If that’s the case then I’d recommend finding and hiring someone else – a salesperson to find more money for you, so you have the budget to hire someone else to other stuff for you. Manage your time, and delegate tasks.
  5. Charge More Money
    More money more profit, some people would be scared to raise their prices in fear of losing customers. But if a business is the best at what they do, why would they charge less? Even luxury business can thrive in a downturn economy. http://www.entrepreneur.com/startingabusiness/businessideas/article203048.html

I have to admit, I have to master some of theses my self. So wish me luck, as I wish you good luck.

Introduction to Writing a Business Plan

I have been writing a business plan since 2003 to participate in the LiveWIRE business plan awards. I won the grand prize for the livewire participant category in 2006/2007. I have also participated in the think big business plan competition. Considering I am going to submit another business plan, I thought it would be appropriate for me to share what I know. For starters I’ll just share the purpose and the structure of a business plan. I’ll cover other topics some other time.

As a disclaimer, I am not an academic business student. I do not have a degree in business or administration. I studied mathematics and science. My knowledge of business plans or business is from reading books, internet resources, participating in courses, competitions, and doing business.

First thing before writing a business plan… Choosing a business idea. Your Business Ideas should have 3 main criteria: Continue reading

Using Color in Advertising Increases the Chances of a Purchase.

In my opinion, the cheapest and yet the most effective method to market yourself is by using Fliers or Brochures. But most people and businesses tend to use photocopied leaflets or even brochures. I guess its cheaper then printing. Now I’ve found this article on using colors in office documents and one line shouted out to me.

“…according to the Psychology magazine study, color increases the likelihood people will purchase a product or service by 85%.” from an article entitled Is Full-Color the New Standard for Office Documents? | The DocuMentor | ZDNet.com.

Now if that’s true, I might have to reconsider my marketing techniques. Printing color is costly compared to photocopying. I guess my best choice is to Print Brochures in color, but use colored paper for leaflets. I wonder if that counts…

National Technology Forum 2009


15-October 2009 – This year’s the national technology forum was held again at the Empire Hotel with the them Innovation Transforming Enterprises. I arrived their right before lunch, but I think I still benefited. Among the many topics that were discussed by their respective experts were:

  • Tunehotels.com and how it ran a budget motel and its business model with the help of technology in marketing and management. I like the part where the speaker mentioned that the hotel is helping people to save cost, and therefore the hotel saves cost and so increases profit.
  • Google discussing its support for open source through the Google App Engine. The speaker was very witty and funny, I was interested to find out that google has a lot of projects in the works.
  • Integrating Open source and existing Database systems using Pentaho, I was really sleepy in this one, the speaker was japanese and didn’t speak english very well.
  • Security and adoption aspects of open source. This was a recurring question in the Q and A session.
  • How Private-Public-Partnerships (PPP) assists in the development of Singapore and how it has benefited its citizens.
  • Some of the things that the Brunei Government is planning and has recently achieved in the quest for e-governance.
  • In the end, the it was emphasized that in Business (or I guess in any organization) what is important is the People and not just the technology.

Overall I believe that the event was very beneficial to all those who attended, especially those who did the whole day. I am looking forward to see what is planned for the next National Technology Forum on 28 november 2009 next year. For more information, you could go to http://www.asiaincforum.com.


How people make choices

I’ve been checking TEDtalks a lot recently. This one surprised me. Thinking how to use this in promoting my products and services. Check it out, Dan Ariely asks, Are we in control of our own decisions?