Pitching your Business Plan!

Do you need to know what investors are looking for in a business? David S. Rose is a serial entrepreneur turned serial investor. He shares his tips in presenting.

He shares that investors are not just investing in your business idea, they are also investing in you. So you have to show that you and your team have:

  • integrity
  • passion
  • experience
  • knowledge
  • skill
  • leadership
  • commitment
  • vision
  • realism and
  • coachability

and how to show all these in just a few minutes by using logical and relevant steps. Using an outline for presentation that he recommends.

At the end he gave his top 5 tips in presentation.

  1. Always use presentation mode
  2. Always use a remote control
  3. Your handouts are not your presentation
  4. Don’t read your speech
  5. Never look at the screen.

He mentioned the use of a remote control to change the slides of the presentation. Those remote controls are sold in Brunei for more about BND40- BND 100. In 2009, I found a mobile phone software that can transfom any java and bluetooth enabled devices into a remote control to change the slides on a bluetooth enable PC.

It is from http://www.mobilewitch.com You have to install the PC software on the computer and the mobile app on the phone.

Click on the following links to the download page.


Judging the National Youth Development Centre

I was asked to be one of 5 judges to judge some students computer projects at the National Youth Development Centre (AKA Pusat Pembangunan Belia AKA PPB). The students here are often low achievers that couldn’t get into vocational or technical schools. Although some have used it as a ramp to get there.

The judges included a teacher from science college, an IT officer in fire department, 2 officers from the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports, and an entrepreneur in the IT industry (that would be me 🙂 ).

I’d have to say their projects were quite impressive. The teachers informed me that this is the students’ final project which they themselves thought up themselves, which of course the teachers just supervise. There were about 15 groups with 3 persons per group.

The projects were IT based, which was tied in with whatever courses they were doing at PPB. I would love to describe some of the Projects in detail, but I feel uncomfortable sharing them without the students permission. Additionally, although the projects were mostly for PPB, But I feel that some of them may have a business viability. If any of the students are reading this, you can share your project description in the comments. Alternatively, you can contact me to assist you in monetizing your projects 🙂

I took some photos while I was judging, mostly during the boring parts. I paid attention mostly during the demonstrations.

I’d say that these students have a bright future as IT employees or as IT entrepreneurs.



PS I’m not in the Picture 😦 someone had to take it.