Entrepreneurs Share their Experience

I was invited to share my experience as an entrepreneur at UBD to students of “Introduction to Entrepreneurship”. Other speakers were Lili Yong of Lilli Lingerie, Rahimi Perdi of STAR Services, and Rahimin of Rafiqun IT Company.

It was a relief to know that there was a small group of students in UBD who were interested in entrepreneurship. I was told that the students were from a variety of faculties and not necessarily from business courses, for example some of them were from science faculty. This apparently was the initiatives of the Gennext at UBD, where students can learn a multidisciplinary subjects (at this I sometimes wish I was born a bit later to enjoy all these benefits).

liliThe floor was first taken by the loud Lili Yong (which I thought was a mistake… She should have been saved for last. She was that good) sharing her experience of graduating, then working for her father, then starting her business from a small 1st floor shop, to her now famous ground floor shop at kiulap. There were and are still of course, challenges that she has to struggle through she said. She said that starting a business is easy, It is keeping the momentum going that is challenging. Continue reading